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Knox Fire Extinguisher Company We are Knoxville's Complete One-Stop Service Facility Since 1957 Here at Knox Fire Extinguisher Company we offer all sales and service of fire suppression and fire extinguisher equipment. All of our fire extinguisher and suppressions systems offer a conditional guarantee which will meet or exceed most insurance services and insurance company requirements. We also offer pick up and delivery of our products, as well as hydrostatic testing with any type cylinder. Knox Fire Extinguisher Co. Phone: 865-523-7710
  • Commercial Fire Extinguishers
    • Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly inspections of your business by a certified and qualified inspector.
    • Highest quality fire extinguishers and fire products on the market. Only the top brands (Amerex, Ansul, Badger)
    • Fullservice sales and support facility.
    • Fire training
    • Great Warranty and Service
      • 6 years warranty on all new extinguishers purchased

  • Residential Fire Extinguishers
    • Great addition to anyone’s home (you never know when you will have a fire)
    • Bring your extinguisher to us and we will certify it (i.e. KCDC Rental Units)
    • Highest quality extinguisher for years of fire protection service

  • CO2
    • Bulk CO2 Drink systems for restaurants
      • Filled and installed
      • Serve McD’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Arby’s of East Tn
      • Small residential cylinders filled at our location

  • Fire Suppression Systems (Ansul website i.e.)
    • Authorized Ansul Dealer
    • Restaurant systems
    • Frozen Specimens for medical industry
    • Food storage
    • Entertainment
    • Theatrical Effects
    • Blasting Pellets for cleaning equipment
    • Block, Pellets, High Density
  • High Pressure Hydrostatic Testing
    • Up to 5000 psi

  • Dry Ice
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