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   Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Knox Fire Extinguishers offers only the highest quality fire extinguishers and fire products on the market and only the top brands such as Amerex, Ansul and Badger. Our facility has a full service sales and support staff and we provide annual, quarterly and/or monthly inspections of your business by a certified and qualified inspector.  We can even provide on-site Fire training for your personnel.



Tom Roberts


Jim Oxindine

RED LINEŽ Cartridge-Operated
Fire Extinguishers
Class D Stored Pressure Dry Powder Extinguisher RED LINEŽ Wheeled
Fire Extinguishers


  ABC Multi-purpose Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Extinguishers  
High Performance Dry Chemical Carbon Dioxide Stored Pressure Extinguishers Halotron I "Clean Agent" Extinguishers

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