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  Purchasing the Right Fire Extinguisher for your Home

Purchasing the Right Fire Extinguisher for your Home


As there are so many different kinds of fire extinguishers available in the market,  it is quite tough to select the correct type of extinguisher. When purchasing a fire extinguisher you must have sound knowledge of the most appropriate use of that equipment. Therefore, you should always buy the extinguisher which will provide the best protection from the kind of fire hazards that are most common around your home.

We here at Knox Fire Extinguisher recommend that you look more at quality verse price when purchasing an extinguisher for your home.  When you are looking for your next car, you don’t go down to your nearest hardware store; you go to a respected car dealer.  The same should go for a fire extinguisher that protects your home and family from fire hazards, come to the experts in the field. 

Here are a few things to look for when purchasing a fire extinguisher for your home. (This also goes for commercial application)

  • ABC Rated: For any household extinguisher this is the rating that you need. This will put out most fires that are commonly around the house.

  • Proper Size: You want to have at least a 2 lb. or 5lb. extinguisher in your home. These extinguishers will put out most household fires.

  • All metal construction of the extinguisher: Is the cylinder and the valve made of top quality metal. The bargain brand extinguishers have a plastic valve in them which over time expands and contracts at different rates than the metal cylinder which will ultimately result in the extinguisher losing its pressure and not working.

  • All metal internal components: When you have a part that is under 200 psi of pressure what material would you rather have holding it together? That is simple, metal; it is so much stronger than plastic. To the right is a picture comparing the two methods of construction. On the right is an all metal pressure tub and valve assembly that came out of an extinguisher that has been used and refilled many times. On the left is a pressure tub and valve assembly that was taken from a new bargain extinguisher that someone tried to use on a household fire. When the extinguisher was activated the pressure in the tub broke the tub and the extinguisher never discharged.

  • Warranty: Is there a warranty that comes with your extinguisher that is backed up by a local distributor. We have a six year warranty with all of our extinguishers. If you have any problems we will not fix the extinguisher we will give you a new one with no questions asked.

  • Cost: I know that you can go to your local big box store and purchase a fire extinguisher, but let’s really see how much money you save. The average cost of a small extinguisher at your local box store is around $29.00. The cost of a quality extinguisher that we sell is $34.00. There is a $5.00 difference, but let’s look at it closer. If you are purchasing this extinguisher for a rental unit that has to be tagged by a state certified agent you will have to bring the cheaper extinguisher to Knox Fire Extinguisher and the charge is $5.00 for a total cost of $34.00.

So you weigh the difference.  Quality that will work when you need it or the cheaper way out that may not.

Bargain Brand

Top Quality

(Average cost $29.00)

Our Cost $34.00 which includes, 6 year warranty and a Certification tag that is required for rental units

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