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Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

When it comes to protecting your kitchen equipment from fire… ANSUL® products protect more food service kitchens than any other brand: from the time-tested R-102™ liquid agent system… to the ultimate dual-agent protection only a PIRANHA® system can provide.
You’ll find ANSUL systems in diners, fast-food chains, food courts, sports complexes, cafeterias, convenience stores, hotels, gourmet restaurants, and other food service kitchens.

R-102™ Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

The ANSUL® R-102™ Liquid Agent System continues to be the #1 protector of today’s kitchen equipment.
R-102 Overlapping

R-102™ Overlapping Appliance Protection

The ANSUL® R-102™ Liquid Agent System continues to be the #1 protector of today’s kitchen equipment
Ansul R-102
R-102 Interactive

Interactive Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression

The ANSUL® Interactive Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression includes valuable statistics, documents, web links, and ANSUL solutions for the restaurant industry.
Ansul R-102

PIRANHA® Fire Suppression Systems

ANSUL® PIRANHA® systems employ the best firefighting attributes of two extinguishing agents.

K-GUARD® Kitchen-Class Fire Extinguishers

K-GUARD fire extinguishers contain ANSULEX® liquid fire suppressant to quickly knock down the flames, form a vapor-securing blanket, and cool the grease and surrounding surfaces.


ANSUL Restaurant Systems
ANSUL F-Class Extinguisher

ANSUL® F-Class (European) Liquid Agent Fire Extinguishers

The ANSUL F-CLASS Model M6L Fire Extinguisher meets the requirement of EN3 and PED for use on fires involving combustible vegetable oil or animal fats in commercial cooking equipment.

Industrial Systems

For fire hazards found in industrial settings, ANSUL® dry chemical systems provide the flexibility based on the size and configuration of the application. Both systems provide automatic or manual operation and detection/alarm/release capabilities. Choose from the I-101™ Industrial Fire Suppression Systems or ANSUL large piped system for the protection of paint spray booths, dip tanks, flammable liquid storage, loading racks, offshore platforms, tanker decks, fueling area, steel mills and many other applications.

I-101 Industrial System IND-X Systems

I-101™Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

The I-101™Industrial Fire Suppression System has been pre-engineered for industrial hazards like paint spray booths, dip tanks, and flammable liquid storage rooms. 



ANSUL® Large Dry Chemical “Piped” Systems

For large industrial applications, ANSUL® large fixed nozzle piped systems provide up to 3000 lb (1350 kg) of dry chemical extinguishing agent.
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